Hell's Kitchen / Clinton

Hell’s Kitchen (Clinton)

Long known as one of Manhattan’s poorest neighborhoods (why else would they call it that?), Hell’s Kitchen – also known as Clinton – has come a long way from your parents’ New York City, just like many of the other neighborhoods in modern Manhattan. Hell’s Kitchen encompasses the area north of 42nd Street; south of 58th Street; west of 8th Avenue; and east of the Hudson River. Many of the buildings between 8th and 10th Avenues, the area most commonly associated with Hell’s Kitchen, are low-rise structures with character. On the other hand, the edges of 8th Avenue and everything west of 11th Avenue contain modern high-rises that are packed with amenities. Buyers of all different tastes will find a home for them in Hell’s Kitchen.

Hell’s Kitchen is close to Broadway and also overlaps with the Theatre District. The neighborhood has long been home to actors and other theatre professionals, who have influenced the character of the neighborhood tremendously. Residents will love the convenience to the theatre just as much as they will love the nightlife and dining on 9th Avenue. The charming character and endless entertainment options make Hell’s Kitchen an excellent choice for anyone who wants the downtown lifestyle without paying downtown prices.


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