Formerly known as one of Manhattan’s least desirable locations (why else would they call it that?), Hell’s Kitchen – more politely known as Clinton – has come a long way from your parents’ New York City. Today, Clinton is a neighborhood with character that has something for everyone.

Clinton encompasses the area north of 42nd Street; south of 58th Street; west of 8th Avenue; and east of the Hudson River. Many of the buildings between 8th and 10th Avenues are low-rise townhouses and mid-rise apartment buildings, while modern high-rise buildings are found to the west of 11th Avenue.

Clinton is close to Broadway at Times Square and it also overlaps with the Theatre District. Many prominent actors and other Broadway professionals have called Clinton their home. If the theatre isn’t for you, then no problem – you will find plenty of nightlife and restaurants along 9th Avenue. This part of Clinton feels similar to Greenwich Village in many ways but with more affordable real estate.

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