Murray Hill

Murray Hill

East of Fifth Avenue – stretching from 34th Street to the south to 40th Street to the north – is known as Murray Hill. It looks and feels very similar to the Upper East Side, with its grand, pre-war co-ops and elegant mansions surrounding Park Avenue. Just like the Upper East Side, the character of the neighborhood changes to the east of Third Avenue, where it trades in the low-to-mid-rise pre-war buildings for modern high-rise condominiums and rental towers. But Murray Hill is generally more affordable than its counterpart on the Upper East Side, especially along Park Avenue, where buyers can find classic pre-war homes at some of the best prices in all of Manhattan. Buying in Murray Hill is a great value play.

Residents will love the convenience to Grand Central and the heart of Midtown. Convenience is everything in Manhattan real estate, and it doesn’t get more convenient than walking to work. When it comes to nightlife, Third Avenue is the king of Murray Hill. Third Ave is where you can find affordable restaurants and bars that offer cheap drink specials all week long. Though if you’ve outgrown Dollar Beer Night, we recommend choosing the neighborhood for its affordable homes and its convenience. You can always commute outside of the neighborhood to get your nightlife fix. Midtown’s world-famous fine dining and entertainment is just a short walk away.


Kip’s Bay

Kip’s Bay is actually a distinct neighborhood, but it’s one that blends in seamlessly with Murray Hill. Kip’s Bay covers everything east of Park Avenue South and between 23rd through 34th Streets.

Kip’s Bay has been built and re-built in patches and the architecture of the neighborhood lacks consistency as a result. In fact, there is no defining feature that makes you say, “This must be Kip’s Bay!” The neighborhood is very affordable by Manhattan standards because it lacks that defining feature. The one thing that Kip’s Bay buyers will appreciate is its affordability. Kip’s Bay is great for finding a Manhattan address that won’t break the bank.

Kip’s Bay is home to a number of hospitals, including Tisch Hospital, NYU College of Dentistry, NYU School of Medicine, Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, and Bellevue Hospital Center teaching hospital, among others. The high concentration of hospitals makes Kip’s Bay an attractive choice for those who would enjoy convenient access to health services, such as doctors and other hospital staff.


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