Upper West Side

Upper West Side

The Upper West Side is the bohemian alternative to its cousin on the east side of Central Park, well-known for its reputation as the city’s home for intellectual and artistic minds for centuries. Like the Upper East Side, it is a primarily residential neighborhood, but its differences in character come from neighboring Columbia University (to the north) and Lincoln Center (to the south). You can feel the west side’s special ambiance emanating from its architecture.

The boundaries of the Upper West Side lie at the Hudson River to the west; Central Park to the east; 59th Street to the south; and 110th Street to the north. In addition to Central Park on the neighborhood’s eastern edge, the western edge of the Upper West Side is home to Riverside Park, which runs from 72nd Street to the south and extends well past the northern edge of the neighborhood. Being located in between these two iconic parks is what has enabled the Upper West Side to claim its throne as one of New York’s premier residential neighborhoods.

The Upper West Side has many options for transportation, dining, and nightlife, and it is generally more developed than its counterpart on the east side. You can’t go wrong if you choose to live here.


Manhattan Valley

Between 96th and 110th Streets, and to the east of Broadway, is sometimes considered Manhattan Valley. It is named for the natural depression that runs east-west across Manhattan between those streets. The Upper West Side as a whole generally becomes more affordable as you get closer to the northern edges of the neighborhood, and as a result the Manhattan Valley name is usually associated with homes that are more affordable than homes that outside of the valley.


Lincoln Square

The southern edges of the Upper West Side are noticeably different in character than the heart of the neighborhood. To accommodate this, the area immediately surrounding Lincoln Center is sometimes considered Lincoln Square. Buyers and renters can find more new construction options in Lincoln Square than they will be able to find in the 70s and 80s. It’s the perfect choice for those who want the Upper West Side, but with the conveniences of the 21st Century.


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